Careprost VS Latisse: What’s the Difference?

latisse vs careprost

If you are the one that is keen on growing naturally longer eyelashes without mascara of eyelash extensions. You must heard of Latisse, which is the only FDA approved serum to increase eyelash size.

Latisse is an drug, which need prescription to get it. Therefore, more and more people turn eyes to careprost. What is careprost? In fact, careprost is an India’s generic drugs, it has same ingredients as what Latisse contains.

latisse vs careprost

Do Latisse and Careprost bring the same result? The answer is Yes. Both Latisse and careprost  are identical to Latisse in terms of composition, volume of packaging and even the name – Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution; Distinguish them from Latisse only brands. But if there is no difference, then why pay more?

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